On clear day you can see Hazel Grove

Prospective Liberal Democrat MP, Lisa Smart , brought out the big dogs of her party yesterday to help launch her campaign in the Hazel Grove constituency to succeed long standing local champion Andrew Stunnell who is standing down. Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander did not have far to travel after their evening in the BBC media city, Salford appearing on the Big Debate and question time respectively.

clegg alexander

However the problem was that the event was staged in a pub car park on top of Werneth Low, which is actually in Tameside, not Hazel Grove. Surprising really , given that Lisa is, I understand,  a local girl and would obviously know her way around the constituency.

Later one of the Lib Dem staffers admitted they had got the location wrong but that the location had a fantastic view over the Hazel Grove constituency.


Sorry , wrong again. That’s Ashton in the distance and the foreground. The blue and yellow thing in the distance is not a coalition flag but the IKEA in Ashton. If it helps here is a map of the Stockport wards. Hazel Grove is the easternmost 6 wards.

stockport wards

The full story can be read here in the Manchester Evening News


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