Hazel Grove goes green

Still laughing from yesterday’s Natalie Bennett ( Green party Chairperson ) media debacle. I  uncovered another late entrant for the Hazel Grove MP race. On April 2nd , The Stockport Green party announced the candidature of Graham Reid. From his picture he looks familiar, I wonder if he used to drink in The Olde Vic in Edgeley?

Graham Reid 220x300

The full announcement is here on the local party website.

There is as yet no sign of a twitter or facebook account for Graham. Perhaps I need to learn how to read smoke signals or refurbish my pigeon loft to stay in touch.

I was sad but unsurprised to note in his statement the usual blind dogmatic opposition to Fracking. Well, we wouldn’t want to get involved with anything that would lower the price of energy, create thousands of real jobs and provide the UK with energy independence from Medieval Middle Eastern despots or Russian warmongers who could turn the oil and gas tap off at will.

Good luck Graham! One last thing though, don’t you think that the £500 deposit you will be forfeiting on May 8th would have been better given to a childrens cancer charity or a food bank.


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