I have already met the next MP for Hazel Grove

Why? Because in the last week I decided to meet with each of the four principal candidates and ask them the same series of questions. Each of them were good enough to spare me the time and in return I proposed to publish their response to the questions as posts on this blog. Their responses will be unedited and uncommented upon.

Left to right:Michael Taylor, Lisa Smart, William Wragg and Darran Palmer

Left to right:Michael Taylor, Lisa Smart, William Wragg and Darran Palmer

The questions, listed below, were designed to give them an opportunity to express their views, to test their understanding of some issues and to uncover more about the person rather than their party line. The questions were answered spontaneously as each candidate had not seen them beforehand.

Although I don’t agree with all their politics, I have nothing but admiration for their stamina and commitment in seeking to become elected and effect change. So after two visits to Marple’s branch of Costa Coffee, one to the Portobello cafe and an infiltration of LibDem towers in Romiley the task is complete and I will post daily over the next few days with the candidates responses to the following questions:

Could you give me a one minute biography

What do you think are the three most important issues for the country ?

Who would most people regard as Stockport’s greatest ever sportsman?

Who would you vote for in this constituency if not yourself?

What do you think are the three most important issues for the people of Hazel Grove?

With which policy of your party do you most disagree with and why?

What is your position on HS2?

Do you have a political hero or role model?

Ed Miliband wanted to weaponise the NHS , perhaps he was confused between Health and Defence. Could you tell me how much the UK spends annually on these two areas?

What is Bullock Smithy or the Bullock Smithy?

What will you do if you don’t get elected?

No doubt, everyone would think of something different to ask, but for those of you who would like some insight into your next MP watch this space.

First up on Monday 19th April, Michael Taylor , Labour.


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