Romiley Hustings – a different Evensong

We went along this evening to see the Hazel Grove candidates in action together at a hustings event organised by the Churches together group and held at St Chad’s church in Romiley. It has been a very long time since I last spent a Sunday evening in church.


The organisation was excellent and the event was well attended with a broad cross section of people of all ages.  An hour and a half was set aside for questions from the audience which comprised questions about education, housing, assisted suicide, the arms trade, devolution of power to the regions and HS2. It is fair  t0 say that each candidate had their moments and the overall tone was passionate yet punctuated by some humour and wit.

The panel of candidates were ably directed and marshalled by Bishop Graham Dow, latterly Bishop of Carlisle, who remarked that he was no Paxman or Dimbleby but would simply be himself. The audience on the whole were well behaved and there was little interruption or heckling apart from a man  who was patently considerably opposed to HS2. He was asked, then warned to keep quiet by the Bishop who finally encouraged a candidate to continue speaking with ” Just carry on and ignore him”

These events are excellent and I would encourage anyone who has an interest to  go along and see the candidates in the flesh.


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A traveller through life who reads a great many of peoples works whilst self teaching himself.
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