Lisa Smart, Liberal Democrat candidate for Hazel Grove

Following yesterday’ interview with Michael Taylor for Labour. Here are Lisa Smart’s Liberal Democrat answers to the same questions: lisasmart535

Could you give me a one minute biography?

I am 35, I live in Romiley, I am director of Stockport Credit Union, a trustee of the New Horizon canal boat and a primary school governor. Born and brought up in Lancashire, I read Maths at Durham University. I moved to London 10 years ago as many people do in their 20’s. I gained great experience working in international business, and then running a charity: Girls to Zambia. I got into politics when I found myself shouting at the telly. One evening I thought this was not good and needed to do something about it. So I joined the Liberal Democrats.

What do you think are the three most important issues for the country?

Firstly education, I am a firm believer if we get education right everything else follows, I am passionate about being a school governor. I think the second issue is the NHS and what we want from it and how we fund it and the third issue is our place in the world, our relationship with other countries. How we conduct ourselves with countries both who we are friendly with and those who are not behaving in a way we would agree with.

Who would most people regard as the Stockport’s greatest ever sportsman?

Most would say probably Fred Perry but you could also mention Sarah Storey and Rebecca Adlington who also now lives in Romiley.

Who would you vote for in this constituency if not yourself?

I really don’t know, I have always voted Liberal Democrat.

What do you think are the most important issues for the people of Hazel Grove?

  1. NHS services locally, I am leading a campaign to get specialist status for stepping hill and secure extra funding asnd extra resources for the hospital means a lot for local people.

  2. The Hazel Grove bypass,the final bit from Hazel Grove to Bredbury. Reducing the traffic on Bents Lane and Otterspool Road and get quarry lorries off residential roads.

  3. Education and schools, every child deserves to be taught by a qualified teacher

With which policy of your own party do you most disagree with and why?

Trident. Our party policy on Trident is a very sensible pragmatic step down the nuclear ladder from 4 to 3 submarines. I personally believe its an outdated cold war relic and we are never going to use it. £100 billion would be better spent on schools, hospitals and building new homes.

What is your position on HS2?

Enormously in favour. For capacity reasons rather than the journey time savings. The West Coast trains are always full. Freight capacity is also just as important.

Do you have a political hero or role model?

Shirley Williams. She is my absolute role model, I agree with a great deal with her policy views.

Ed Miliband wanted to weaponise the NHS , perhaps he was confused between Health and Defence. Could you tell me how much the UK spends annually in those 2 areas?

If you want exact figures, I can’t. I could make it up but I won’t. I know the head of NHS England has said we need to spend an extra £8 billion a year on the NHS by the end of the next parliament.

What is Bullock Smithy or the Bullock Smithy?

A Pub in Hazel Grove and wasn’t it also an alternative name for the constituency?

What will you do if you don’t get elected?

First go on holiday for a couple of weeks, then get a job probably running a charity if possible.

( These questions were put to Lisa Smart in person and with no prior notice, her answers are reproduced faithfully here without comment )

Tomorrow William Wragg, Conservative


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One Response to Lisa Smart, Liberal Democrat candidate for Hazel Grove

  1. pubcurmudgeon says:

    Funny how so often LibDems support road-building locally but oppose it nationally.

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