Christmas Quiz 2015

Apologies to all for lack of content since the May election, perhaps I can remedy this with a New Year’s resolution to post more.

As is now traditional , here are links to this year’s Christmas quiz enjoyed, as ever , by a group of Stockport friends in the Arden Arms where the food and hospitality never fail.


The quiz this year was an individual one and , despite my claims that everyone could answer every question, people seemed determined to prove me wrong.

I believe that this is also a quiz that is “Google proof” as simply having a correct answer is not a guarantee of the best score. Anyway give it a go and remember, Jimmy Carter, R2D2 and Dough are all wrong answers.

Links to everything below (they are printable PDF’s) :

xmas quiz 2015

xmas quiz 2015 answers

xmas quiz 2015 answer sheet

Previous quizzes can be found for earlier years on this site, simply use the search box using the term “quiz”

If you like the quiz and use it to entertain family and friends then a comment or email would be nice. I did hear from one of our Arden Arms gang that they were treated to a re run of last year’s quiz at another event. Hmmmm, you know who you are!


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