North Manchester Grammar School for boys

is the school I attended between 1964 and 1971. This week I received an email out of the blue from an old classmate, with a subject line “Doc Holliday” which initially confused me until I remembered that he was our Form master at 14 and also our Classics teacher. We studied both Latin and Ancient Greek in those days. The old classmate, Ian Gregson, suggested meeting for an hour to reminisce.

Ian was staying with another old contemporary, Steve Ormrod, and an hour in the cafe turned effortlessly into two hours as we caught up with more than forty years worth of past lives.

I took along some old photos from 1970, a shot on the front lawn of North Manchester and two football teams. Perhaps posting them here will help people recognise themselves or others. If you can name anyone I have missed, feel free to comment below and make good any omissions or errors. Apologies for any initial failings to put names to faces.

North Manchester Grammar School for Boys 1970

North Manchester Grammar School for Boys 1970

If your eyes are failing like mine,then the photo is larger if you click on it.

Back Row from the left: Bannister, Kev Lloyd, ? , ?, ? John Patten, Steve Ormrod,Peter Jagger, Dave Patten, Roger Fielding, Paul Rose, Gary Phillips, Kay, ? ,Barlow ,John Hampson, Hesketh, Peaker, Jack Pickett

Front Row from the left: Colin Pemberton, Paul Rowley, Garry March, Ted Stockton, Terry Tomlison, Clough, Headmaster Slater, Peter Booth, Asst Headmaster Jennings, Derek Brown, Andy Monks, Khalid Jeelani, ? , ? , Paul Lamb

Amended following Steve Ormrod’s comment

Now two Football teams from 1970:

North Manchester Grammar Soccer First Team 1970

North Manchester Grammar Soccer First Team 1970

North Manchester second team 1970

North Manchester second team 1970


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10 Responses to North Manchester Grammar School for boys

  1. Steve ormrod says:

    To my right is john patten to Pete Jagger’s left is his twin Dave is roger fielding not calverley then Gary Phillips after Paul rose don’t know next but think next is ? Barlow
    In the front row next to ted is terry tomlinson. The head is not slater but can’t remember his name.

  2. David Duban says:

    Hi my name is David Duban i attended NMGS from 1966 thro 1974 time just flies !!!
    i remember some of my teachers : Mr Bell, Mr. Blackwell ,Morton, Milburn Warling ,Hall , Guest,
    Boys: Steven Hyde, Sam Kaye, Geoffrey Edwards, Kenny Ward , Naughton, Smith, Sheridan, Birmingham. David Hollis,

  3. Stephen King says:

    Hi My name is Steve King, I attended North Manchester, 1967 to 71, the headmaster in the photo was Mr Jennings geography teacher although I believe he was deputy head in 1970 after the headmaster who followed slater suddenly left.
    If Steve Ormrod had a brother called John who was a friend from the age a of 5, I met you at Johns funeral and much earlier at Moston Lane school.
    Teachers Bell and Blackwell, McCauley, Gittings, and a guy we nicknamed Concord all taught athletics.
    Morton taught Maths and drove a VW Beetle across the playground at speed.
    Mr Brooks a strict geography teacher.
    Some of the other teachers I see in my mind’s eye but the names escape me for the moment.

  4. Rob says:

    Concorde was Mr. Dave Warburton.

  5. Victor Bailey says:

    Hello. My name is Victor Bailey, I attended NMGS from 1964-69. I left after my O levels as my family moved to Cheadle and so I had to change school.
    I remember some of the names and faces in the main photo which was obviously taken after I left.
    I was friendly with Howard Barlow (.in the photo ) Jim Gibbon and Stephen Arran.
    Some of the teachers: Obviously Sibson the old head,Jake Milburn, Willy Watkins, Peat ( French ),
    Gus Williams (geography) SHODDY Thompson,Thickbroom,Dunlevy (English), Clark( history ),
    Guest ( maths ) ,Morton , Bell, Blackwell, Harrison ( Metalwork ).
    It’s almost 50 years since I left NMGS !
    Ted Stockton says he lives in Mellor. I have friends who live in Mellor, a nice place.

  6. Moorendman says:

    Thanks Victor for your comment. More memory joggers! Who was Thickbroom? Can you locate Barlow, Gibbon and Arran in the photo for me? ( third from left , bottom row etc? )

  7. Victor Bailey says:

    Pete Thickbroom and Brian Dunlevy were decent young teachers who only stayed at the school a year. They were from London and didn’t like it ‘up north’.
    Howard Barlow is on the back row 6th from the right with glasses on. Gibbon and Arran are not in the photo.
    Other teachers I remember are Major Alf. Lees ,( biology ), Conran, (French) who was my first form teacher and Bernie Bishop who limped with a club foot.

  8. Moorendman says:

    From the mists of time, more information. Did you start in September 1964? In which case we may have been in the same form , 1C, as I am sure that Conron was my form teacher ( or should it be master? ) too. As we were seated in alphabetical order you would have been across the room as a “B” from me as an “S”. Couple that with 54 years of decline and it would explain why we don’t recall each other.

  9. Victor Bailey says:

    Yes, I did start in September 1964.
    I remember a Form bully called Andrews. Also a nice boy called
    Chadwick who was good at cricket. His mum worked in the office and used to guillotine off the corners off our exercise books when they were full and gave us a new one.
    Do you remember The Jailer ? He was in fact the janitor who walked around with a bunch of keys.
    I think I agree with you that because of the alphabet and the number of years that have passed
    we don’t remember one another.
    I don’t know if you remember but when Mr. Conran thought us French, he gave us all French
    First names. Mine was Antoine. Also do you remember the house system ? Dalton, Heys, Scott and Clynes. We were all in different houses and wore different coloured ties. My tie had blue stripes because I was in Dalton.

  10. Victor Bailey says:

    Sorry not thought but taught. Second paragraph from the bottom of the last reply.

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