Corbyn is a good man, an honest man…discuss.

Think forward 20 years, could you elect a person who openly supported islamic extremists and their cause? Who you knew had refused to condemn them even though they had just murdered 22 people in your city?

This is an interesting General Election campaign. What started as almost a textbook exercise of increasing a Tory majority, has become slightly more of a race between the two traditional parties as the Conservative strategy of relying on a simple message of “Strong and Stable” is beginning to grate on the nerves at the same time as showing up as less than stable. This combined with some badly-judged manifesto ideas, such as the cost of care for older people has perhaps begun to put doubts in the mind of the undecided.

In the red corner, Labour have managed to increase their showing in the polls. One strategy has been to keep potentially toxic people out of the media spotlight. We have seen nothing of John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, for weeks, Angela Raynor, a potential Education secretary without a single academic qualification to her name, seems to have been reined in. What is significant is the rise of the use of Social Media campaigns by the left. There are, undoubtedly, hundreds if not thousands of Momentum supporters working endlessly at their keyboards, sharing childish memes, images, scare stories and downright lies across Facebook and Twitter. Always ready to comment and troll on any and every politically orientated discussion from Newspaper articles to BBC question time. This is the future – get used to it.

The cleverest part of Labour’s strategy has been to relaunch Corbyn. Gone are the charity shop jacket and trousers, the Jesus sandals and the “Just popping down to the allotment” casual look. In comes the smart navy blue suit ( perhaps as suggested by David Cameron’s mother ) , the socialist red tie and the blameless white shirt. All designed to pitch Corbyn as a world leader, ironically aping the Trump Look.

But after all the media coaching, the ready made answers to the tricky questions, the constant appeal to  younger idealistic voters with feel-good platitudes and popular promises, there remains the reality that can never be airbrushed:

Jeremy Corbyn , as well as John McDonnell and Diane Abbot, thoughout his political career has been an active, ardent and committed supporter of Irish Republicanism and the IRA. He is trying to pretend now for political gain he was part of the peace process, he most certainly was not.

So here is a reminder for those over 40 and a wake up call to anyone else about the IRA in the UK:

In 1974, they placed a bomb on a coach travelling from Manchester to Yorkshire, it exploded , ripping out the back of the coach and killed 12 people including 2 boys aged 5 and 2.

In the same year they placed bombs in 2 pubs in Guildford and Birmingham , killing a total of 26 people.

In 1979, they killed 18 British soldiers in one single incident with a bomb in a culvert.

in 1982, they placed 2 separate bombs in Hyde Park and Regents Park on the same day in July, killing 11 people and seven horses.

They attempted to murder the whole government when in 1984, they placed a bomb in a Brighton hotel where they were staying. Only 5 were killed this time.

What do you think of the murder of Lee Rigby by the two murderous Islamic extremists? It was not the first time that off duty soldiers had been hunted down and murdered on British soil, watch this video about how two soldiers were hunted down , stripped, tortured, and then shot repeatedly in the head by the IRA because they got caught up in the wrong funeral.

here is a priest giving one of the soldiers the last rites:

And so it went on up to and including the 1993 Warrington bombings which resulted in the deaths of two little boys out shopping for a Mother’s Day card:

The IRA were responsible for many, many more bombings and murders. Over 1700 people died as a result of their “Just War” . In 1987 Corbyn attended a London Commemoration for IRA members killed and said he was  “happy to commemorate all those who died fighting for an independent Ireland”.

Finally, as an echo of that dreadful atrocity at the Manchester Arena by the piece of Islamist scum Abedi, we had our own IRA bomb in the centre of Manchester on a bright Saturday morning in July. A truck full of semtex was parked outside Marks and Spencers on Cross Street, fortunately due to some great police work and extensive evacuation following the bomb’s discovery no one was killed although 212 were injured.

Remember all this when next Thursday comes and it’s time to vote. You may be a Labour supporter, you may be a hater of the Tories, you may want a better opposition but we all deserve better than to be led by a man who actively supported the people who committed these atrocities, and continues to refuse to condemn them directly.


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4 Responses to Corbyn is a good man, an honest man…discuss.

  1. dhmellor says:

    Valid points about the IRA, but you’re quite wrong about Corbyn’s reaction to the Manchester bomb. Listen to it:

    ‘Atrocious acts of cruelty and depravity…. vicious and contemptible…. the terrorists will be reviled and implacably held to account’. Doesn’t sound much like ‘refusing to condemn them’ does it!

    • Moorendman says:

      Either I have not expressed myself well enough or you are being just a touch disingenuous, my point was not that Corbyn supported the scum that set the Manchester Arena Bomb last week but that he had spent years cheerleading the IRA and their activities and considered himself some sort of revolutionary. In any event a cynic might think that his response to the most recent bombing may be coloured by political expediency. Interestingly tha fact he still refuses to condemn the IRA, even now, is the central point.

  2. Stephen Rinker says:

    Interesting post. I’m sure there’s no suggestion than Corbyn is personaly involved in terrorism? So where does that leave Nelson Mandela in the scheme of things. May I suggest that history will look on him as a great deal more significant than Teresa May? And is there a suggestion that Mr Corbyn has less integrity than Boris Johnson?

    • Moorendman says:

      If openly supporting the IRA and their actions is being personally involved in Terrorism then yes, that is what is being said. If I believe he ever took part in a terrorist act, then the answer would be no. However let us not forget that Corbyn refused five times to say he unequivocally opposed Republican terrorism during an interview on TV in the last few days.

      In the days following the Brighton Hotel bomb a leader article in the London Labour Briefing, the hard-Left magazine on which Mr Corbyn was general secretary of the editorial board, “reaffirmed its support for, and solidarity with, the Irish Republican movement.”

      It added: “Let our ‘Iron Lady’ know this: those who live by the sword shall die by it. If she wants violence, then violence she will certainly get.”

      I would agree that Mandela would be looked on by history as more significant then Theresa May, but then she is in good comapny there, as there are very many world leaders who would occupy lower positions in History’s reckoning.

      I cannot see where you have found in my post any comparison between Corbyn and Johnson, but if you would like an insight into my opinion on that comparison, then I could not ever imagine Boris Johnson would attend a wreath laying ceremony in Tunisia for a Palestinian Terrorist who murdered athletes in Munich 1972, at the Olympics.

      I also now realise that at my age, many people have no first hand experience of life when the IRA were active. If you are too young to remember, well then, there is always Google.

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