Corbyn does not support terrorism – discuss

Just over one day to go in this Election campaign and whilst all parties would prefer it not to be such an issue for varying reasons, the inevitable consequence of the dreadful bombing of innocents in Manchester and the butchery and savagery of the London attacks is that security is the primary concern.

Jeremy Corbyn has had a long history of supporting and justifying the actions of islamic terrorism, often blaming the West and “military intervention” for terrorist attacks here in the UK and elsewhere. He could not resist referring to this whilst responding to the. Manchester bomb of the 22nd May 2017. He has done this previously many times , watch this video of a speech he made shortly after the 7/7 bombings in London , on a stage with another apologist Galloway:


In 2010 he made one of several appearances on Press TV, the Iranian state TV channel. A country that denies the Holocaust, executes gays, sponsors terror worldwide, helped kill and maim British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and since 1979 has never held a free election. Iran threatens a genocide of the Jews of Israel.  He used the appearance to attack Israel and reportedly received £20,000 for his appearances.


Every year in London , our liberal and tolerant country allow a demonstration known as Al Quds day which is basically a Muslim hate festival against Israel, there is no shortage of illegal and proscribed organisations taking part openly displaying their flags. The yellow and green one is the banner of Hezbollah. Corbyn takes part in these events and spoke at the 2012 one.


Corbyn is well known as the Chairperson of the Stop the War Coalition from 2011 until his election as Labour leader. Formed shortly after the 9/11 attacks on New York, this organisation played on the understandable need for peace from many diverse groups for its support , but in fact was a group controlled by the hard left Socialist Workers Party who seek to overthrow capitalism. As part of their ideology they are entrenched opponents of anything and everything connected to the US, the UK and Israel in particular and the West in general.


You can see Corbyn on the platform, the man at the microphone is Andrew Murray, not the tennis hero, but a member of the Communist party for over 40 years, an apologist for Stalin and a defender of North Korea. He rejoined the Labour party in 2016, presumably paying his £3, and was recently seconded by the Unite Union to Labour HQ to help Corbyn’s election campaign.

Labour are desperately trying to walk the tightrope of sensitivity to the recent attacks and trying to make political capital out of perceived Conservative shortcomings with police numbers. The London Bridge atrocity was thankfully dealt with within 8 minutes of the first call, a correct and decisive action saved many lives. Let’s hear from Corbyn about the so-called Shoot to Kill policy:


You could go and on, detailing the 13 different terror laws he voted against over his 30 renegade years as a Labour MP, his trip to Tunisia to attend a commemoration of a Palestinian murderer of the Israeli Olympic athletes, his defence of Iran and Syria, inviting Islamic terrorists Hamas to the House of Commons, his with other extremists.

On Thursday , ask yourself one question – is this a man you want to be the leader of this country?

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1 Response to Corbyn does not support terrorism – discuss

  1. David Haughton says:

    All true. But why are we not hearing it from the Conservative leadership? May is in danger of snatching defeat from a position of strength on polling day.

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