Free Christmas Quiz Collection

For the last six years, I have created a quiz for a group of friends who meet for a long and somewhat liquid lunch in The Arden Arms in Stockport. Our lunch is late this year taking place on Saturday the 23rd and so this year’s quiz will not be online until around 3pm on that day.

For those of you who may have come across this site whilst scouring the internet for your own quiz inspiration, the links below contain links to PDF’s from 7 previous years quizzes. There are usually printable questions (with and without answers), picture sheets for picture quizzes where appropriate and prepared answer sheets. All you need is a printer!!

You are welcome to use or plagiarise any of this material without cost but my ego has asked if you use any of it then please leave a comment at the end of this post!

The 2010 Quiz

This  quiz had a theme of numbers from 1 to 12 ( 12 days of Xmas? ) it was designed for two teams to play against each other choosing to answer A or B

The 2011 Quiz here

A slightly odd quiz, perhaps not as portable as the questions were aimed at individuals names. It may be inspirational and there is also a picture quiz which is less specific.

The 2012 Quiz here

Film and Music related, 5 rounds including 2 picture rounds. The final round is about music from popular films and requires some way to download the music and play the clips.

The 2013 Quiz here

Every answer in this quiz related to one particular number ( the fourth prime number, a heptagon has thisnumber of sides, it is 111 in Binary and was the Number on the shirt for Best, Beckham, Robson,Cantona and Ronaldo). You need to spend a few moments reading it to understand but soon all becomes clear. There is also a good picture quiz that ties in to the same theme.

The 2014 Quiz here

The Twelve days of Christmas – Every question is related to some aspect of this well known festive tune. Again a picture quiz is part of it.

The 2015 Quiz here

By now, there was a need to Google proof quizzes and this year took a different turn. Loosely inspired by “Pointless”, this year’s quiz had questions that everyone can answer individually ( and can usually always answer ) but the key to success is finding an answer that no one else has and avoiding wrong answers.

The 2016 Quiz here

This is based on the same format as 2015 above. It works very well, everyone remains engaged and there is some great interaction between players.

The 2017 Quiz repeats this popular formula and will be online on Saturday 23rd at 3 pm

Have a great Christmas and if you use and enjoy any of this stuff , then please let me know via a comment on this blog post.

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