Coronavirus Lockdown Day #16

Life is now moving at a slower pace, there is more time to do things, even restart my blog!


Today’s Times featured an article by Hugo Rifkind exploring the idea that it cannot be easy being in Government at this time of the Coronavirus Pandemic. For me, the article marks a watershed moment in the shift away from the Kuenssberg/Peston/Rigby axis of Journalism where the start line is:  “It’s all the Government’s fault.” This article at least admitting to the concept of fallibility.

He writes: “failings on protective equipment in hospitals and testing remain grave, bordering on the criminally irresponsible.”

Was Johnson personally responsible for checking the amounts of PPE equipment and importantly the use by dates of such material? Probably not , that would be the legions of NHS managers and Directors in every NHS trust and quango, many of whom enjoy larger salaries than government ministers.

Did Gove, Raab or Hancock refuse the many offers to supplement testing capacity from the private sector? No, that would be the head of NHS England who wanted to keep it all in house within his control.

When will someone start to hold these people to account rather than taking lazy journalistic potshots at an easy target?




Nature Glimpse

Sparrowhawk quartering the field,
Hawthorn leaves breaking,
Robin follows me all over the garden
Peacock butterflies emerging

Travel memory

Holywell Bay , Cornwall


Waves of anger and fear
Circulate over the bright
And darkened lands of the earth,
Obsessing our private lives;
The unmentionable odour of death
Offends this April night.

We all may feel this way now. In September 1, 1939, W H auden wrote this on the outbreak on WW2 ( Albeit from a bar in New York!)

Useful Tip

No green bins in Stockport just now. And  the lawn is growing, the flowerbeds need tidying up and hedge clippings to dispose of. What to do?

Now is the time to start composting. Real gardening geeks already have a bin or two at least a metre cubed and cooking nicely but anyone can do it. Any structure that is sat directly on the earth to allow those creatures to get into your material and start to break it down.

Fill it with grass clippings but mix in “the brown “: twigs, clippings, dead plant material from last year as you clear the beds, cardboard, tea bags, vegetable peelings. Keep everything small by shredding and cutting. Mix it all altogether , keep it damp and let the wonders of aerobic decomposition take place.

It doesnt smell – that would be anaerobic decomposition that produces methane. If it smells you are doing it wrong. As a last resort you could use black plastic sacks, just keep it damp and give it air by puncturing the bags. In summary: Green + Brown +Air +Mosture = Compost in 3 to 6 months.

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7 Responses to Coronavirus Lockdown Day #16

  1. Skateboard Bingo says:

    The pen is mightier

  2. Stephen says:

    Nice Post, and what timely verse fro Auden.

    Here’s some AE Housman

    “Into my heart an air that kills
    From yon far country blows:
    What are those blue remembered hills,
    What spires, what farms are those?
    That is the land of lost content,
    I see it shining plain,
    The happy highways where I went
    And cannot come again.”
    A.E. Housman, A Shropshire Lad

    • Moorendman says:

      Thank you.
      One of my favourite poets, Housman. A little more from a Shropshire Lad:

      Clunton and Clunbury,
      Clungunford and Clun,
      Are the quietest places
      Under the sun.

      In valleys of springs of rivers,
      By Ony and Teme and Clun,
      The country for easy livers,
      The quietest under the sun

  3. Tom Stockton says:

    Very nice Dad. Particularly enjoyed the composting tips!

  4. igregson says:

    Yes because the Government only wanted to allow the virus a free market, not tie it down with red tape etc but to allow its ‘free hand’ (as Adam Smith would say,) to move creatively through the population and remove the ‘economically inactive’ so that the economy would carry fewer burdens. And people took exception at the 250000 deaths this would cause!

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