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Soul Men , I Thank You – BBC Stax Prom

In a life blessed with a forty year marriage, two fine sons with two lovely daughters in law and three beautiful grandchildren there are only a few regrets: the road trip not taken to the USA in 1974, the Porsche … Continue reading

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A point of view on Gogglebox

Who remembers the BBC tv comments show, Points of View? Those plummy voiced actors reading carefully selected viewer’s letters, often from some outraged retired colonel from Tunbridge Wells. Why did Yorkshire housewives all sound like a Debutante from Kensington? Why, … Continue reading

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North South divide

We have booked to go to London in June to meet FDIL’s family. Looking forward to some interesting sights and tastes in our glorious capital.  YS has already reserved a table at Dalston’s White Rabbit. Dalston is the new Hackney … Continue reading

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Lord knows I’m Les Miserables now

Why did I do this? Perhaps I needed to know why the rest of the world seems to love this so. I have always been something of an outsider and considered it to be a facet of my personality, for … Continue reading

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Christmas Tradition #4 – The Decorations

The OH is a demoness for tidiness and order. If she had her way, then the Christmas Tree would be down on Boxing Day and the cards would have fuelled the wood-burning stove before the turkey was cold. I am … Continue reading

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We’re caught in a Mousetrap, we can’t walk out…

..because we’ve paid too much baby. I wrote a few days ago about my predilection for watching too much television. Together with various printed media of books, newspapers and magazines TV forms the major part of my cultural life. Note … Continue reading

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Chewing gum for the eyes…

The slang for TV in Spanish is “Caja Tonta” or the idiot box. I confess, I watch too much of it. But what can you do?  The Belle Dame, Sony Bravia, with her high definition, Sky Plus, two hundred or … Continue reading

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