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Christmas Quiz 2016

How soon it all comes round again! For the fourteenth year in a row we are joining a group of increasingly decrepit friends for our annual Christmas Lunch at the Arden Arms in Stockport. I wonder how many of us … Continue reading

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Pilgrimage to Cartmel

Cartmel in south lakeland has been a place of pilgrimage from the establishment of the Prory in the twelth century. Since my first visit to Cartmel some ten years ago, attending the excellent July Thursday race meeting, the picturesque Lakeland … Continue reading

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An Alpine traverse by the Bernina Express

Today is without doubt the planned highlight of our trip. A one way trip through and over the Alps on a scenic train from Switzerland and down into Italy. Echoes of Hannibal, Otzi and Edward Whymper. The Bernina Express, a … Continue reading

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Across the river and into the mountains..

We declined the offer of paying for breakfast at Austin’s Hotel and instead went into Cafe Leonard, and learned two things. Firstly that a tartine is a small half baguette, and, because the  Cafe Cremes were over 4 euros each, … Continue reading

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March winds did blow in a late hibernation

In a month when I turned semi-pro in the online world, receiving a modest fee for a presentation to a local arts group about blogging, I then spent the following  month  writing nothing. Reasons and excuses are legion and although  … Continue reading

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Almost as Famous as the Posh Potato

I had read many things about Almost Famous online (where else? The web and social media is their only publicity) and I was Almost Prejudiced against it. Why? Because of  several enjoyable visits to the other, apparently rival,  burger restaurant … Continue reading

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Time Travel to the Nobin

Is it possible to travel back in time? You could  look at some John Bulmer photographs of the North. Alternatively, you could drive to Barnsley perhaps with its Saturday afternoon shopping centre populated by walking adverts of the results of … Continue reading

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