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Football is back on, now!

I suffered from withdrawal symptoms yesterday , for the first time in 15 days there was no football on the telly. Partly due to my virtually retired status and partly due to the convenient timings of the matches, I have … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, 32 Today!

Over 2 years ago, I made a post celebrating ES’s 32nd birthday , see here, so it seemed only fair that I make the same effort today for YS and  FDIL (who coincedentally shares the same birth date). Last time … Continue reading

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March winds did blow in a late hibernation

In a month when I turned semi-pro in the online world, receiving a modest fee for a presentation to a local arts group about blogging, I then spent the following  month  writing nothing. Reasons and excuses are legion and although  … Continue reading

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The week passes alphabetically..

A – Algeria Welcome to the 7th century from your one-eyed,  fundamentalist tour guide! The geography of North Africa will soon be as familiar to us as Afghanistan and Iraq and just as bloodstained. B – Blockbuster Video  Are you … Continue reading

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Chewing gum for the eyes…

The slang for TV in Spanish is “Caja Tonta” or the idiot box. I confess, I watch too much of it. But what can you do?  The Belle Dame, Sony Bravia, with her high definition, Sky Plus, two hundred or … Continue reading

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The last drop in a fine summer sporting vintage

It was 79 years to the day since , Stockport’s most famous sportsman , Fred Perry won the US open in 1933. Last night after after a record 4 hours 54 minutes, Andy Murray finally clinched his first Grand Slam … Continue reading

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Put down your playstations and run..

After a weekend of olympic glory in  so many different sports apart from our “national” game perhaps it’s time to forget that big round ball, those Tangos, Jabulanis and Aztecas from Adidas and admire the true corinthians. Find a pommel … Continue reading

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