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Fair Pensions for all?

A few thoughts on the Public Sector pensions strike today. Things are polarising, people are taking sides.. I have decided to take the side of the tax payer. The public sector workers feel unhappy about proposals to reduce the benefits … Continue reading

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An Encore for The Red Lion

No apologies for another post about The Red Lion in High Lane. Not least because it’s marketing proved an exception to the rule that one of the dangers of adding your name to a list inevitably leads to a deluge … Continue reading

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The Devils: Ken, Ollie and I

Ken Russell, the film director, died today at the age of 84. During the summer of 1974, Russell filmed his adaptation of the Who’s rock opera Tommy in many locations around Portsmouth and Southsea. I was in my final year … Continue reading

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Is Tampopo losing the art of noodle soup making?

Tampopo on Albert square has for around 15 years been a Manchester favourite which has now opened other branches in the Trafford centre, the Triangle and now,we read, Bristol, Leeds and Reading. This pan-Asian noodle bar is named after a … Continue reading

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Uncle Ben’s Soul

We have just spent the weekend with some old friends at their lovely home in South East London. They have plenty of room now, as like us, their offspring have largely left. They had put a lot of effort in … Continue reading

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A display of flavour fireworks at Damson

Those national critics complaining about Manchester not having many good restaurants should try Stockport. There are a number of pleasant places to go but very few that are really good, somewhere you can feel you have pushed the boat out … Continue reading

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Remember, remember the Fifth of November…

For how much longer though as the Americanised Halloween continues to take over as the main celebration at this time of the year. There is a real lack of build up to bonfire night just now, the recent plague of … Continue reading

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