About the author

I am  Ted Stockton, a 66 year old man living in Mellor, Stockport. I was born in North Manchester and I began writing this blog around 9 years ago as a way of communicating with my two sons who were living abroad at that time. The only other claim to literary fame I have is a place on  the shortlist of the IPC graduate journalists selection process in 1974. My failure to progress explains how I became a taxi driver, salesman of industrial products and office equipment and businessman (in that order) since then.

Apart from a little voluntary work and enjoying the company of my 4 grandchildren, I enjoy eating out, real ale, travel, golf, gardening, sport, books, TV, music,  family and being outdoors. I am also moved to comment from time to time on current affairs. My opinions are my own, if you agree with some of them then fine, if you don’t agree then also fine, feel free to comment and disagree.