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The week passes alphabetically..

A – Algeria Welcome to the 7th century from your one-eyed,  fundamentalist tour guide! The geography of North Africa will soon be as familiar to us as Afghanistan and Iraq and just as bloodstained. B – Blockbuster Video  Are you … Continue reading

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The funeral of Phil McCartney

took place at 1pm on the 22nd January 2013 at St Thomas’s Church Mellor. It was a cold day with the ground covered with snow but brightened by sunshine. As expected, there was an exceptional attendance with various estimates of … Continue reading

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Getting a Head at John Lewis

At her trial for massive tax evasion it was revealed that Leona Helmsley, the famous New York property millionairess,  had told her housekeeper that “We don’t pay taxes, only the little people pay taxes!” .  I am always reminded of … Continue reading

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Phil McCartney’s Funeral

The funeral of Phil McCartney will take place at Mellor Church at 1pm on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013. The response to my short piece on Phil’s death has been remarkable. Many people have taken the trouble to express their feelings … Continue reading

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Phil McCartney, The Royal Oak

A sad day in Mellor today as we learned of the sudden death of one of the village’s most well known figures. Phil McCartney, the landlord of The Royal Oak, Longhurst lane collapsed at the bar on the evening of … Continue reading

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Christmas Tradition #4 – The Decorations

The OH is a demoness for tidiness and order. If she had her way, then the Christmas Tree would be down on Boxing Day and the cards would have fuelled the wood-burning stove before the turkey was cold. I am … Continue reading

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