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So last week was the one that..

..saw many thousands of column inches and hours of video occupied by the Sky pundits , Gray and Keys, “sexism” scandal.  “Poor” Keys in an hour long self-serving interview on Talk Sport spoke about how sad he was that Sian … Continue reading

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Hector’s Extraordinary Rendition

I am not allowed to leave the house and must remain at this specified address, I have only limited use of my phone, I cannot use public transport, I cannot have visitors, I am electronically tethered to my computer and … Continue reading

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About Who?

As someone who spent the better part of twenty working years closely involved with Xerox and it’s products, there is a quotation by Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian philosopher and communication theorist, that has a  particular resonance. McLuhan said: “Whereas Caxton … Continue reading

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Pub Blogs

If I had resolved my “About Me” page dilemma , more of which later, it would be apparent that one of my pursuits was “socialising ” , a hobby stated on many a Curriculum Vitae, in pubs and drinking beer. … Continue reading

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Mood Indigo

We all love a curry, it now has a definitive role as British comfort food. Two weeks in some foreign field and no matter how good the local cuisine, sooner or later you feel the need for a curry. What … Continue reading

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Three times a loser

Sooner or later we all suffer a crime committed against us, sometimes a burglary, sometimes a car related crime and sometimes ,unfairly, the state seems to punish us. Last week I heard a story from someone who suffered all three … Continue reading

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The week that’s gone was the one in which ..

….the figurehead of the mad hatters tea party, Sarah Palin,  continued to mangle the English language when she insisted ( or refudiated ) that her use of the phrase ” Blood Libel” was not intended to insult the recently shot … Continue reading

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