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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Over fifty years ago now, Christmas in the Sixties was so different. Many families lived much closer together, horizons were narrower. Where we lived in Lower Crumpsall, the centre of Manchester was 3 miles to the south and seemed a … Continue reading

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Corbyn is a good man, an honest man…discuss.

Think forward 20 years, could you elect a person who openly supported islamic extremists and their cause? Who you knew had refused to condemn them even though they had just murdered 22 people in your city? This is an interesting … Continue reading

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North Manchester Grammar School for boys

is the school I attended between 1964 and 1971. This week I received an email out of the blue from an old classmate, with a subject line “Doc Holliday” which initially confused me until I remembered that he was our … Continue reading

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The election gets personal

Yesterday, the Election 2015 contest continued to develop. The first of the two main news stories was the Labour pledge to abolish the Non-domicile tax status currently enjoyed by over 110,000 people in this country. We learned a lot about … Continue reading

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Margaret Kit Williams 1929-1982

My mother, Margaret,  was born on the 6th June, 1929. She would have been 84 today and as proud a great-grandmother as I am a grandfather to Florence. I always remember her birthday as it was the same day as … Continue reading

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March winds did blow in a late hibernation

In a month when I turned semi-pro in the online world, receiving a modest fee for a presentation to a local arts group about blogging, I then spent the following  month  writing nothing. Reasons and excuses are legion and although  … Continue reading

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Almost as Famous as the Posh Potato

I had read many things about Almost Famous online (where else? The web and social media is their only publicity) and I was Almost Prejudiced against it. Why? Because of  several enjoyable visits to the other, apparently rival,  burger restaurant … Continue reading

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Christmas Tradition #1 – The homemade Cracker

I despise shop bought Xmas crackers. Sad things in sixes, packed in glossy boxes full of promise and such a complete and utter let down. They really are symbolic of waste at Xmas. Just so much detritus around the table … Continue reading

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It’s a cold foggy November day, it’s time to choose my PCC

A website set up by the government’s Home Department ( I thought it was an Office?) asks me to Choose my PCC ? What does this mean? Press Complaints Commission? Parochial Church Council ? Portable C Compiler…why didn’t they spell … Continue reading

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At the going down of the sun

..and in the morning we will remember them. I am of an age when I can still connect directly to both the two world wars. I was born only eight years after the end of World War II and my … Continue reading

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